An Introduction To Cyber Modeling And Simulation

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Introduces readers to the field of cyber modeling and simulation and examines current developments in the US and internationally This book provides an overview of cyber modeling and simulation (M&S) developments

An Introduction to Cyber Modeling and Simulation provides the reader with examples of tools and technologies currently available for performing cyber modeling and simulation

It also examines example emulators, simulators and their potential combination

It examines how decision-making processes may benefit from M S in cyber defense

The author ties up the various threads that currently compose cyber M S into a coherent view of what is measurable, simulative, and usable in order to evaluate systems for assured operation

The book also takes a look at corresponding verification and validation V V processes, which provide the operational community with confidence in knowing that cyber models represent the real world

This book Explores the role of cyber M S in decision making Provides a method for contextualizing and understanding cyber risk Shows how concepts such the Risk Management Framework RMF leverage multiple processes and policies into a coherent whole Evaluates standards for pure IT operations, cyber for cyber, and operational/mission cyber evaluations cyber for others Develops a method for estimating both the vulnerability of the system i.e., time to exploit and provides an approach for mitigating risk via policy, training, and technology alternatives Uses a model-based approach An Introduction to Cyber

Using scenarios, courses of action COAs , and current M S and simulation environments, the author presents the overall information assurance process, incorporating the people, policies, processes, and technologies currently available in the field