Principles And Case Studies Of Simultaneous Design

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There are many comprehensive design books, but none of them provide a significant number of detailed economic design examples of typically complex industrial processes

Complete Aspen Dynamics files are be provided of the dynamic simulations.

Complete detailed flow sheets and Aspen Plus files are provided

Detailed economic steady-state designs are developed that satisfy economic criterion such as minimize total annual cost of both capital and energy or return on incremental capital investment

In addition to discussing flowsheet development and equipment design, these textbooks go into a lot of detail on engineering economics and other many peripheral subjects such as written and oral skills, ethics, green engineering and product design

Most of the current design books cover a wide variety of topics associated with process design

Ten detailed case studies presented illustrate an in-depth and quantitative way the application of these general principles

Then conventional PI control structures are be developed and tested for their ability to maintain product quality during disturbances

This book presents general process design principles in a concise readable form that can be easily comprehended by students and engineers when developing effective flow sheet and control structures